5 Ways To Grow Your Career In No Time.

This may seem like a regular 9-5 boring pep-talk, but that’s not what we are about. Living your best life goes beyond looking dapper and smelling like a million bucks. It’s a mindset tailored towards consistent growth and the drive for excellence, which cuts across every aspect of your daily activity. As a career minded individual or a growth seeker in general, the primary goal should be to improve yourself and your performance. We may not have all the right answers, however, here are a few tips we’ve tried that could help:

Set clear goals: Picturing yourself in the position you want to attain, is one way to clearly understand your growth path. By setting detailed, goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound, you can create actionable steps in addition to keeping track of your accomplishments. In the long run, this initial step will help motivate you on those weary days.

Have a step-by-step plan: After the first step is concluded and your goals are clearly written out, the next crucial step is formulating directions. To achieve your goals, a step-by-step action plan is necessary. A personal development plan, with realistic timelines, can guide you toward your goal by implementing the structured steps you’ve put together. For instance, if you’ve set a goal to be a graphics designer, your first step will be to gather information on what it takes to acquire this skill, take classes and understand the use of specific design apps.

Take on new challenges: Taking on new responsibilities is a learning curve that further reveals your hidden potential. This is extremely beneficial as it helps you build strength for the goal you have in mind. Availing yourself to new experiences, opportunities, challenges, projects and classes to grow your skillset in your chosen path can be quite transformational. It may come as a surprise, how much of yourself has been dormant and how much capacity that's within you.

Explore mentorship: Not all mentors or forms of mentorship have to be physical or a full on formal process. You can admire someone’s lifestyle, values or what they represent and inculcate them into your daily activities. However, developing a relationship with physical mentors brings a connection that exposes you to new perspectives, notions, advices and even hacks, if any, for the journey you are embarking on.

Track your journey: Staying committed to your plan gives room for improvement. As exciting as growth can be, there may be days where self doubt sneaks in, you get tired or feel frustrated to a point where it seems like progress is far-fetched or going more slowly than what you anticipated. Monitoring your progress serves as a great reference point on days like this. Think of it as a reset map or bread crumb trail but in reverse. You can see how far you’ve come and intensify your efforts for the journey ahead.

Consistency is key in honing a new skill or taking a different course in developing the one you already have. These tips aren’t cemented into the cooperate ecosystem but also branch out into all aspect of self-development, helping you build grit and stamina. Do you have specific routines outside what we’ve mentioned? Please feel free to share.