Apartments Available on Rentsmallsmall PT2

Last time we took a tour of some units available on Rentsmallsmall.

We're bringing you more insights as we continue to look at all the units that are available on the platform.

We trust that you can now tell the difference between a studio, a loft, and an open plan unit.

Now to continue on our series we'll take a look at other kinds of units.

3 Bedrooms: These kinds of units typically consist of 1 master bedroom and 2 smaller rooms. Most come ensuite and are excellent for larger family units.

You can also find a lot of 3 bedrooms shared units where 3 people have their private bedrooms and then share the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

They might be in a flat, a duplex, or bungalow (which spells privacy) 

They might also come furnished, partially furnished (where only the common areas are furnished ) or unfurnished.

4 Bedrooms: this is similar to the 3 bedroom unit but consists of 3 smaller rooms instead of 2. It is excellent for very large families and can sometimes be a duplex.

This would imply that it would have its own private compound and might also include a studio BQ which can be used by the family or rented out to generate extra income.

Now you have all the details,  you can choose from our extensive options and locations today.

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