Beach Or Picnic

This life I can’t kee myself!

Enjoyment no dey finish!

You only live once!

Ever heard any of these sayings or used them yourself?

Most times, this is what our subconscious tends towards when we're trying to make up our minds on what relaxing moment to go for. Choosing either, is heavily dependent on what you intend to achieve. In addition, other metrics come to play in your decision making such as budgeting, people involvement, personal preference, inspiration channels etc.

Watch this!

People who relish moments of solitude or just need some space to reflect would typically hop on the Beach wagon. On the other hand, a cohort of family, friends or even colleagues sharing meals together within a quiet space, for the purpose of bonding or networking, would make picnic an easy choice.

Before we go any further, let's understand the dynamics of both scenarios. road

The Beach

Where the land meets the sea, going on a long journey. They further separate down the and the sea seems to fall in love with the sky, trying desperately to reach the clouds. This view is one of nature’s most alluring displays. Creating a form of connection with one of earth's amazing scenery has a soft way of reminding you that life na jeje. Hunting down the stress in your nerves, taking captive of your mind with its calming effect, and delivering your senses into a soothing moment of awe, this attraction oozes a pulling aura that can only be explained by your body giving in to the feeling of “this is exactly what I needed”. The spontaneous desire to bask in the warm colours plastered across the sky with a radiating scheme of pulchritude is an invitation you can't ignore. The beach’s scenery coupled with the undulating sound of the waves serving as a back drop sets the mode for idea conception, thought collation, retrospect and reflection, in addition to clarity and direction. The sun scorching and the wind blustering give the perfect mix of heat and cold. The beach is naturally fun, gives natural tan and is definitely the best place to get closure on that novel you've been meaning to complete for a long time. Naturally, some of the activities that would maximize the essence of the beach are vacation, relaxation, friendship get-togethers, romantic evening, bonfires, beach dates and even weddings. Just a place to get the most out of your time. Here are a few beach locations you can visit in Lagos. Tarkwa Bay, Oniru Beach, Kuramo Beach and Landmark Beach.


Picnics are packed meals eaten outdoors in a beautiful environment. Imagine enjoying some of your favourite snacks on a landscape where the grass is greener than usual, the flowers are bright and blossoming with a picnic basket sitting pretty on a laid floral woolen quilt accompanied by a perfect weather. Take a deep breath, now exhale. I know exactly what you're thinking and you are right. This set-up is nothing short of magnificent. Picnics are leisure activities that could encourage networking, create bonding time and memories, increase your appreciation for freshness of nature, and foster the building of relationships. Picnics are simple, yet relaxing and fun. Choosing to go on a picnic can’t be a spontaneous decision, unlike going to the beach where you can just feel under the weather and take a drive down. It involves prepping the picnic basket; planning all edibles and drinks, checking the weather forecast; you don't want the sky raining on your parade except of course you don't mind, making a checklist for what you'd need; packing all essentials is a necessity, choosing the perfect location; ambience is everything for this occasion and scheduling a suitable time for everyone involved; there's more fun in numbers. Some beautiful locations in Lagos for your picnics are Freedom Park, Muri Okunola Park, Ndubuisi Kanu Park and Lufasi Park.

However, there are many reasons one would choose a beach hangout over a picnic hang out and vice versa, different strokes for different folks. The big question is “what piques your interest.