Breakfast Is Served!

It’s hard. Hearing the echoes of an empty heart once filled with emotions so true it could last a lifetime or so it seemed. Drawn to the warmth of their heart only to be scarred by the flame on their tongue when they say “it’s over between us”.

These were the pangs that ripped through Amaka’s core causing her to have sleepless nights after Gbenga, her lover for over three years whom she had envisioned riding into the forever sunset with, sent her a message with the weakest line ever used “it’s not you, it’s me” after she saw his IG stories plastered with images of his pre-wedding photos; his wedding was in a week’s time. 

Served cold, shattering every fiber of his being, Aniekan a playboy architect who’s sleek with words and hides behind his emotional walls, “ghosting” anyone who came too close eventually got caught in a love web and as expected, karma did its thing. His idea of taking it like a man was drowning himself in Jameson’s bottom.   

Some breakfasts are messy and too time sensitive. For instance, Ugo, an eager husband to be who is waiting patiently with the highest form of excitement on the altar for Cynthia, his bride to slow dance into the hall, begins to get uneasy after moments pass with no bride in sight. Could she be having a wardrobe malfunction or an extended dress up session? He was wondering just before her chief bridesmaid walks in to the service breaking through the now unsettled atmosphere with Ugo’s worst fear; Cynthia has ditched the wedding and so has Peter, Ugo’s bestman.

The time sensitive bit gets more interesting in Usman’s case. Though he never really had any emotional connection to Adesua, she was head over heels in love with him. Unaware of her affections and without seeking her input or permission, Usman relocates to Canada leaving Adesua so broken hearted that she becomes suicidal, as she can’t imagine life without him.

Subtle or messy, no one is ever prepared to get served. Ever been served breakfast? Please share your story.