Christmas Chronicles: 5 Tips For Stress-Free Shopping

The season of jollof rice, harmattan vibes, and long party nights is almost here! Before we even get there, If you're anything like me, you’ll know christmas shopping is not for the faint hearted.

I usually go all out for decorations, gifts and food stuff for my favorite season of the year and the market rush can feel like a marathon. Funny thing is that my last shopping experience was insane. A lady practically packed the items I had selected and offered me money for them because that was the last batch. It was funny, but expected.

So I went in search of stress-free ways to shop in the most busy season of the year and they helped me so much. So, here are five tips up my sleeve to make your Christmas shopping adventure as smooth as puff-puff.

Have a Shopping Waka list

This is a quote I love – a plan is the key to success! Before I ever think of visiting the market or any shopping mall, I sit down, pen, and paper in hand, and plan my shopping waka. A well-thought-out list helps me dodge the temptation of buying everything in sight. It's like building my own shopping proof jacket and trust me, it works. With my list of what to buy and where to buy them, I won’t overspend or buy things that I do not need.

Have a flexible budget

Keep it at the top of your mind that it is a festive season. Some things are bound to increase in price while others will be running clearance sales to get ready for the new year. A budget keeps you from going overboard, being too hard on yourself and also avoids heart aches. I know I've had a few doses of that stress so this is definitely a tip you should know.

Try Shopping Online

It’s not everyday you want to get ready, leave your house and face the hustle and bustle outside, I know I don’t. Remember our list right? You can pick some things that you can order online. This saves you energy and time. Just a few clicks on your favorite online store and viola - your items are on their way. Another benefit is taking advantage of Christmas sales on online stores, it saves me a few bucks and some come with free delivery as well. So you see, spend less, save more and it’s a win win.

DIY Christmas Shopping

This is where you put your craft and skills to excellent use. Rather than break the bank on christmas ornaments for the christmas tree or family matching pajamas for photoshoot, get some craft items and tap into the picasso in you and also you can grab a crochet pin and some wool yarns to spin nice beautiful sweaters; the sweaters will still be picture perfect. The goal is to not stress yourself and still have a fun-filled christmas.

Get a personal shopper

In the spirit of reducing stress and maintaining beauty, explore the services of a personal shopper. This particular tip is for the big boys and the baddies with deep pockets. All you have to do is get an expert shopper, share your preference and list with them, pay for their services and they will definitely deliver all your shopping needs at your doorstep. Ease doesn't get better than this.

As you embrace the love, fun and laughter that comes with the season, try these tips to enjoy stress-free shopping this season. Try them and let me know what you think. I would really like to know if it worked for you and if you tried anything new. So, drop a comment if it worked for you or if you have additional tips for me to snap up.

Happy holidays in advance!