Colors and homes: Part 1

Fluttering your eyes open to gray colored walls, with the sun’s radiance searing through the silver curtains, inevitably casting soft glows on the walls which then bounces off to create a shiny glimmer on the cream and black colored duvet, is quite the sight to behold.

 When a house is not just a house, but a home, color choices for the walls and furniture, is something worthy of great attention and detailing. The ambience of a room subtly affects countenance, dark themed rooms unconsciously create gloomy atmospheres, dull themed rooms create drowsy and passive countenance, while bright and vibrantly themed rooms create active and happy atmosphere. 

Choosing the color theme for a house goes beyond the wall color, it canvases the curtains, the bed post, the door, the designs for bed covers, the chairs, the cabinet, the dressers, the drawers, the closet doors, the mirror frame, the kitchen tables, the dining table, the hanging furniture, fixed appliances and basically everything added to the house, a disarray of colors would most likely give the place a scattered and disordered feel even when void of items.

In most color combinations for homes, having the color of the curtains matching the bed stand, and the furniture and bed covers or duvet a matching shade with the walls gives a certain uniformity, that easily gives comfort.

It’s been scientifically proven that the colors sensed by the eyes relay a certain response to the brain, for instance, red colors automatically signals danger, black color automatically signal moody or gloomy, bright colors like yellow give warmth signals, blue and green gives calming signals and blue is mostly preferred, dark blue is usually associated with night, giving off a passive response, red and orange is related with arousing, curtains that let the sunlight stream through most often than not affect morning rise and mood, pink unconsciously streams love and having a shade of pink on the walls of your home never goes wrong, yellow is associated with exuberance and energy and walking into such rooms unconsciously make your mood lighter and helps appreciate beauty.

Be it Consciously or not, color has a rather great effect on how the brain relates with our surroundings and the influence which colors has on the brain, has great effect on one’s perception and reactions, this is mostly because it is intertwined with our anxiety, heart rate, arousal, biological clock and general physiology.

Color choices for homes would preferably be ones that give calming and welcoming effect, alongside homely and vibrant aura. After a long day with all the stress you put up with and your eyes already adapting to the particular color pattern in the office and on the surrounding environment along the drive leading home, a contrasting change in scene and color pattern would be slightly uncomfortable. However, walking into a familiar room of soft colored walls would be very quick to ease into and acclamatory. Coming home to an off white painted room with silver and grey curtains, and a dark blue milky-way designed duvet sprawled out on a cozy king-sized mattress with a black bed and matching furniture definitely sets the welcome home feeling making you oddly at ease and immediately ready to end the day.

Colors are important or so we say. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.