Everywhere Stew: The Payday Version

For the regular 9-5 peeps, there's that time of the month where every notification is a potential credit alert. You pick up your phone at the slightest beep with high hopes because you know that once the salary lands, everywhere stew. The bills that are poking heads from all corners will be returned to sender and for the first couple of weeks, peace will actually be still. I know how this anticipation works but don’t take my word for it, here’s what a few people had to say.

EMPEROR: I’m someone that usually leaves my phone on vibration because the sound of notifications or phone calls just rattles my entire system, especially when I am trying to collect my thoughts as a creative. But once it is the last week of the month, the adaptive section of my brain gets activated, my body conforms in the same vain as I turn up my phone’s volume. My definition of stew is I am immediately able to pay for courses which will boost my portfolio.

EBERE: By week three, everywhere was dry to say the least. The wig I needed for my bestie’s upcoming owambe was not going to pay for itself and not a single penny was left to sort that out. Not to mention my nails, they have seen better days and are dying to visit the spa. When the only money I had left was for my daily survival and transportation to work, that credit alert made me smile sheepishly.

CALEB: I’m the kind of guy whose salary is dead on arrival. Without mincing words, you won’t realize how much bills you’ve incurred from friends and family requests until you get reminder messages crafted in a form of greeting from people who do not talk with you regularly. Something like “Bro, I just thought to check upon you. How is the family?” And after all the high pleasantries, it gets to the lows of “I need your help”. It begins to feel like a raging storm and I deflect to blocking numbers left right and center because I can’t say no. Alert is a sweet relief! I can sort them out and rest.

BOSE: Me and my girls know that the streets of Lagos are locked down on salary weekend. After all the stress and tiredness of facing Lagos traffic daily, we deserve a lot of self-pampering. Putting money together, we check-in to a nice short-let apartment that has proximity to some of the nicest restaurants around and all we do is visit them. Food is my love language and I love me, so why not? 

SUSAN: There’s always something new to buy with me, shoes, bags, a new dinner dress or just something to make me look bling bling and I like to do it during the first two weeks before my resources get depleted. Once my salary comes in, it is shopping time. Since I do not have to bother about rent as I live happily with my parents, I’d rather spend my hard earned money on looking good.

Are you a salary earner? What does payday mean to you?