Five types of real estate agents in Nigeria

Real estate agents in Nigeria come in all shapes and sizes, and trust me, they are as diverse as diverse can be. Somehow, it seems as though they all went to the same inspection training agency or belong to the same Whatsapp group because their dress code, language and mannerisms are so similar. In this blog post, I'll take you on a tongue-in-cheek tour of five types of real estate agents you're likely to encounter during your house-hunting adventures in Nigeria.

The Fixers

This agent has a magical touch, or so they claim and this magical touch is attached to “once you pay the money we will fix it”. If you are in need of a one bedroom apartment, they’ll show you a scruffy looking self-contained room and tell you that once you pay, a kitchen will be built outside the room for you. They seem to see potential in every crack and leakage.

The Money Masters

These ones do not joke with their inspection fee or viewing fee which comes with every house they take you to see. Then they quote a price that seems like a highway robbery, but don't worry, they can explain: "The money is inclusive of service charge, community care, legal, documentation, commission… the list is long”. When you ask why the property is that expensive they’ll tell you about all your amazing neighbors. These agents are masters of dishing out the feeling of missing out. They'll make you feel like you're getting the deal of a lifetime, even when you're very sure it is not.

The Ghosters

I met this one once. Claimed to have a company with lots of documents for you to sign, collects an exorbitant inspection fee because it is a “one off payment” and never takes you to see any property. They may send pictures and videos but you will never see the property physically. In my case, I called multiple times on the day I was to finally see the property and there was no response. I didn’t like my experience at all, so I had to get another agent.

The Smooth Talkers

This agent and wearing suit are 5 & 6. They sound professional, always holding handkerchiefs to wipe their face under the hot son and they are full of sweet words to make you pay. They will promise to do all follow ups and liaising with the landlord to have the house fixed, after you have paid. The problem is after you trust them and pay, that’s it. You don’t hear from them anymore and sometimes, you can’t even talk with the landlord directly.

The Oracles

This agent is simply the best. In most cases they come under a company so, look out for these ones. If you find one, be sure to save their number and put it on speed dial because they will save you some stress. From no inspection fees, taking you to choice locations within your budget, being honest about the expectations; like what you see is what you get, and routine follow up to ensure you are satisfied with your care. I know they seem unreal but I have met a few. This particular type of agent will give you peace of mind with zero stress and you can find them at Rentsmallsmall. Their agents go by the name field reps and they are so professional with some of the best houses you can see in Lagos. Click HERE to see where their properties are located and book your FREE inspection now.

When you are going for inspection in Nigeria, you need to be sharp and relaxed because of all the adventures you will face, not just in terms of wearing the right outfit but also having a thick skin because these agents will stretch you. Regardless of all these funny characters, there are agents you can trust who are ready to assist and make your house hunting journey easy. I advise that you work with a company that has a flourishing portfolio of houses like Rentsmallsmall, so you don’t have to stress.

Happy House Hunting!