Glam Up! The Owambe version

It's party time!

Are you party ready?

What’s the state of your wardrobe?

Have you updated your fashion statement?

Do you like to “go big or go home” or would you rather do “less is more”?

Take a moment! Do not just rush to answer, let the questions simmer for a bit. Understand the mental, social and financial implications of your response, and then you can engage. Be reminded that the moment you get the invite, it's game on! The cards are dealt, the field is set, you get a hint on the proposed guest list and then you know, it's about to go down!

With the bustling music and vibrant decorated space, all guests are pressed for the need to show off their style and elegance. The need for a lavish and flamboyant showcase of luxury, splendour and extravaganza for the purpose of paparazzi cannot be overstated. Other than the music, décor, and array of multiple dishes, what gives Owambe its signature opulent status is the display of varied fashion statements. From fabric, to design, matching accessories, and make-up, a typical Owambe look is loud in every way.  Stumbling into one of these events could almost give a fashion show feel.

Owambe is a coalition of different types of people. Please say present when you hear your name.

Set 1. The over borders: For this set of people, it takes a village to help them get ready. To get that striking appearance and follow-up documentation of same, it takes weeks of planning which finally leads to the delivery of a single look. The team effort needed consists of a photographer; to capture each glamorous moment, make-up artistry; face beat is essential, a hair stylist; the glam is incomplete without it, a fashion designer; for die minute tips and tucks, a stylist; to ensure that the overall look is achieved and the hype man; to update us on the glam process.

Set 2. The silent movers: As the name implies, this group of people believe in simple looks that show class with a regal side to their royalty. They are minimalistic in detail, mostly camera shy and discrete, nevertheless they are consistent in stepping on toes and breaking necks with their jaw-dropping exquisiteness. These are the effortless slay bosses.

Set 3. The table shakers: An assertive bunch focused on making their presence known and felt. With cash to spray, no discrimination of currencies, and a noticeable sporadic flow of bills; their deep pockets bring a distinct vibe backed up by the DJ and hype man. Their outfits scream of a certain type of grandeur that causes heads to turn.

So, which is your sub?

When planning for Owambe, never settle for an outfit you are not comfortable in. Instead, make something that feels good because as much as looking good is great, feeling good is vital.

What's your Owambe story, care to share? 

Our comment section is also open to style tips!