Home Decorations That Will Make Your Space Pop!

Isn’t it strange how one piece of furniture, wall paper, paint or art work can alter the appearance of a space to give whatever impression you can think of? It’s just fascinating. With something as simple as a potted plant, an accent wall or regal lamp stand, your entire space can feel fresh, on-trend but timeless, and refined. Do you think your apartment is due for a bit of nip and tuck or complete overhaul? Here are a few thoughts from these amazing people on different things, that could help.

Amaka (wall shelves): I am an art collector of a sort. On every trip, I chose a memento to remind me of my time spent there. Initially, I used to just put them up in a pile or dedicate a carton for them until I got wall shelves. Now, my accent wall holds memories of each place I have visited and when people come to my home, I have stories from all my travels to share with vivid evidence. This display is an adventure and I can’t wait to have some more of it.

David (plant): Flowers, shrubs, herbs or miniature trees; name it, I love them all. It gives me a certain sense of pride when I walk into my house and get that refreshing feeling from the mini potted plants I have. I take the responsibility of watering them every morning, very seriously. Some of these plants are scented, like the orange jasmine I keep on the stairs and the lavender I have in my living room, so I do not need artificial air fresheners or scented candles as they do trick even better.

Uwana (lamps and lightings): Ever known any guy who got tired of their living space? Now you know one. I had gotten bored with the way my house looked and I wanted to shake things up. I got an idea from a friend to use different light decorations since I’m such an advocate for bright spaces and I jumped on it. You know, light has a way of setting the tone of your space and since I wanted to be in control of that tone, I switched things up.  From regal chandeliers to bluetooth lamp holders that change bulb colour, I went all in. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Susan (wall mirrors): I am not vain, I promise, but there is this confident feeling I get when I look myself in the mirror and my outfit checks out. Wall mirrors don’t just make me stare at myself all the time, they add character to the wall even though the room is sticking to a strict color palette. Not only does this mirror help with adding beauty to your wall, it is also a great way to make the whole space feel more luxe and sophisticated.

Maxwell (paint and wall paper): The soft black paint color in my bedroom makes it feel special and intimate in ways I'd never be able to achieve with a lighter shade. I have this eclectic furniture that lends itself nicely to the darkness, adding a homier vibe. However, in other parts of the house, I use different designs of 3D wall paper that gives an illusion of space. For a different touch. introducing a new wallpaper always makes the whole space feel new again.

Do you think you might use any of these ideas or have your own special midas touch? We can’t wait to hear your comment.