Homeownership from as low as N4,000

Goal setting has become an annual ritual and it's almost certain that a huge part of your new year’s resolution is tied to financial freedom. So far in the year, it's been a little difficult to stay on track with those financial goals but all hope is not lost. Here’s how you can crush some of your financial goals this year and still have peace of mind while at it.

Buysmallsmall has gone live with its Co-Ownership package and people cannot seem to get enough of it! The need to be a property owner and enjoy rental income is more evident as we have recorded high sales volume of shares in only a few days and the numbers are on a daily rise. Here’s why.

Buysmallsmall's Co-ownership is a new way to become a proud landlord without building from scratch or even buying a whole building. With as low as just N4,000, you can own a share of a property in areas like Lekki Phase 1, Yaba etc and earn great returns at, wait for it…, a whopping 23% average ROI yearly from guaranteed Rent and Capital appreciation.

Most investments only give surface returns, but the investment vehicles themselves do not yield appreciation. In the case of homeownership, you earn more. Returns are higher when rent and capital appreciation are combined which you only get by investing in an appreciating asset like real estate.

This is the power of Homeownership!

The property which is either on a free hold or fixed hold period, will be filled up with tenants via Rentsmallsmall, a sister product to BuySmallSmall, so you can rest easy knowing that your rental income will come through on a quarterly basis. Now, remember that this is a platform for you to start small and grow big so even with 10 shares, 5 shares, or even 1 share, you can boast of owning a property in Lagos.

It gets better!

Now you have more ways to show love this season and beyond. Gifting your loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries, etc, has now become so much easier. No need to rack your brain on what gift to buy, just gifting them their certificate of homeownership is a huge way to show them they matter. Who would not want that?

Please note that BuySmallSmall is not a crowdfunding platform or scheme that promises short term returns, rather it is a platform for intending home buyers to become homeowners and position themselves for ownership rewards.

Visit buysmallsmall.ng today to start your journey to financial freedom. For more information, you can send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Be a proud homeowner today!