Housing trends: What's your flavor?

Congratulations! You have been an intricate part of this organization's growth and for that, it has been agreed by the board of directors that you should head the Ikoyi branch. You'll be required to turn in your handover notes to the acting Wuse administrator, as you are to resume in Lagos in two weeks. This is great news. Getting a promotion is definitely something worth celebrating. With all the responsibilities that come with the new role, prepping to move on to this new phase of your life, as exciting it is, comes with the need to find a new home. Your case may be something different.

NYSC could take you to the most unlikely locations, you could be changing jobs or starting life in a new city. Whatever your reasons are for switching, the place you live afterwards canvases your lifestyle. For instance, Hassan, a millennial living in a shared apartment seeks to relocate to a new space. His decision is informed by the need to enjoy privacy, spend less time in traffic as this increases his productivity and ultimately meet his job obligations. Not to mention more sleep time. For him, the office to house proximity, getting to work within 15 minutes helps him achieve that.

On the other hand, Whyte, a lady within the younger demographic is not interested in space. Just after concluding her NYSC, she's in the search for a studio apartment within an area that has good road network and easy access to the happening places in town. She intends to build her connecting skills and expand her network. Katherine can't relate. Although like Hassan she needs her privacy, the ultimate goal was to get a house with so much space just for her. On getting a promotion that came with a fat accommodation allowance, she rented herself a two bedroom duplex and says to herself "it's all mine!" Her favorite quote is, the world is your canvas, paint! Her space gives her room for expression. Being a strong advocate for aesthetics, she goes all out to drape her house with wall art and the likes.

Mayowa, a married man with two children cares strongly about access to social amenities, a secured environment, ample parking space as he owns three cars and most importantly the house needs to be in a completely gated space. No matter the structural decadence, your needs, preference, budget and lifestyle are solid grounds for decision making. Now, let's get a bit close and personal! What do you look out for when sourcing for a new house?