How do you like to look on a Monday?

Walking into the week in style and confidence is a necessary flex for a productive week. Depending on the kind of weekend you have had and the new week you are looking forward to, it may not be easy to wrap your head around what outfit to kick-start your week in. However, for some people, the birth of a new week's look begins with a Friday conception. I'm sure I'll be speaking the language of the tech community when I say jeans and t-shirts are an all-time favourite, but we cannot all fit in that space. A few things could influence your Monday look. Some of which are:

Your mood: In the coming week, how you concluded your weekend might play a key role in how you feel and what outfits can enhance your mood, mask or change them. For instance, if you feel moody, you stand a great chance of choosing straightforward or pliant outfit combinations; otherwise, you could decide to mask how you feel with a burst of colors or dress to change how you think.

The industry: Having mentioned the tech people, I bet you see where I am going with this. Bankers would most likely dress differently from creatives, and this greatly depends on the work culture obtainable. You can easily spot smart casual looks in a flexible office setting. However, a full-on corporate environment will most likely have an array of suits and ties.

Ease and Comfort: Wearing beltless trousers or a high waist skirt could lie solely on your style sense and comfortability. Being uniquely clad and expressive, without occasional tussles and drags for the purpose of comfort, is essential for any event no matter the scope.

Personal Identity: If you were notorious for a particular look, you would probably go with the flow. Having a classy or chic look notoriety is an identity some people maintain, and even their mood will not make them dress differently.

Work activity: A busy day with lots of activities would mainly require flats or sneakers rather than heels. In addition, some accessories could inhibit easy access within your workspace. An episode of wearing beads and charm bracelets while typing can cause friction and discomfort. Nevertheless, if you can get past it, way to go!

Audience perception: Some people factor the perception of others into their dressing plan for a Monday. This helps them stay simple yet exude panache without attracting attention. We call it the poise absolved of swag. No one taste suits all in how you choose to look on a Monday. Outfit options can span smart casual, stylish and sophisticated, classy and boogie, chic and elegant, or just corporate.

All of these groups of garb depend on what statement you intend to make. Whatever your choice, rock it with confidence. Care to share your style attraction? We'd love to hear from you.