How To Add Colour To your Living Room

Your living area is a multi-purpose space and gives people an insight into how you live. A clean, well-arranged, and colorful space speaks class and affluence. The best part is that you do not necessarily have to spend a lot to achieve a beautiful living area.

This is why we bring you some tips that will help you ensure that your living room is an excellent representation of your best self.

Here’s what we advise:

  1. Use Paint:

Introduce a pop of color by adding a color accent to your living room wall just with a coat of paint. 

-You can choose to add extra color to a small section , or choose a larger wall that will get noticed. 

- Pick a bold, contrasting color from a fabric in your living room. Or, 

- Go for a subtle accent by painting the wall in the same color family, but a tone darker than the rest of your walls.

  1. Use Colourful Curtains/blinds

One of the surest ways to add color to a room is by using curtains! They come in a wide variety, sizes, shades, and interesting patterns. What's more, you can always get away with any combination as long as it suits your style.

  1. Use Art or Wall Deco

Framed pictures, sculptures, art in whatever shape or size would add some class and a pop of color to your living area. 

  1. Use Nature:

You can add a pop of color with indoor plants or flowers. These are colorful and even essential for keeping the air in your living room pure. It's common knowledge that plants use the Carbon dioxide we exhale and excrete oxygen for our consumption. Talk about the perfect symbiosis. 

You can also opt for plastic plants, they are low maintenance but they'll definitely add some color to your lining room.

  1. Use Rugs/ Center Mats

Introducing a colorful new rug or mat to compliment your living room colors is a sure way to revamp and add some contrast to your space. They serve as floor breaks and can be put in a corner, at the center, or in front of the couches.

  1. Use Throw pillows:

These come in a variety of colors and designs and are a safe, effective and cuddly way of adding color to your living area. They will come in handy for quick naps or serve as back/arm support. Whatever the case is, throw pillows are always an excellent addition to your space. 

  1. Use Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors are in all the time! No matter what shape or size you choose, you can never go wrong with them. Strategically positioning them can make all the difference. They attract/reflect light, make the room appear bigger, and reflect colors too. 

We trust that with these few tips, you can effectively transform your living room and keep it as beautiful and lively as you would like.

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