How to Become A Rent Small Small Native

If you're wondering how to go about the topic above, you most likely already know what Rent Small Small is and are familiar with the services we offer. Just in case you just heard of us from a friend or any other source and you're curious, here's a brief introduction. At Rent Small Small, we offer clients who rent from our platform access to flexible rental payment plans for long stay or short stay, as well as furnished and unfurnished apartments. Our clients can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, bi-annually. Whatever rate of payment is most convenient for them. We also do not charge Agency or Agreement fees and discriminations (gender, ethnic, status, or racial ) are not allowed. Now that you are better acquainted with Rent Small Small and how we operate, we can now guide you on how you can become a Native. Who is a Native? You might ask and what has it got to do with Rent Small Small? A Native is an individual who is officially part of the Rent Small Small community by way of living in any of the Rent Small Small units. Here's how to start:

1: Create an Account on the Rent Small Small website or App. In just a few short minutes, you can fill in the required information, and voila! You have a unique account through which we can identify and communicate with you.

2: Find A Rent Small Small Unit that suits you. You can do this by visiting our website, downloading our Android or iOS app, you can also contact any of our reps to help guide your search.

3: Schedule An Inspection: You can do this by choosing a preferred date and time when you would like to visit your apartment of choice, deciding if you would like to do a physical or virtual inspection, agreeing with our inspection terms, and then clicking the schedule inspection option on the website or app.

4: Inspect the Unit: Depending on your choice between virtual and physical inspection, a video of the unit will be sent to you or an agent will contact you to confirm your availability for the meeting and also provide you with the necessary details such as the address of the unit. You can then visit and ask all the necessary questions and ensure that the unit meets your specifications.

5: Apply For Verification: If the unit is to your liking, you can then apply for verification by clicking the “Book Now” option and filling out the required information. The verification team vets your application and would contact you within 24-48 working hours with a prompt to go ahead with payment or to consider another unit.

6: Make Payment :Payment is made online via our secure payment channel or transfer (only on advisement by our team)7: Sign an Agreement: After payment, your licensing agreement is sent to you for perusal after which you are to sign and return a copy.

8: Move-In Congratulations, if you have done all these, you are now a bonafide Rent Small Small Native and we are glad to have you as a member of our community.