How to make your room more spacious

Have you ever wondered why hotel rooms always feel very comfortable and homey even when all you get most times is 1 bedroom per time? We have some tips that can help you replicate this in your own space. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a duplex, you'll always find that these tips will come in very handy for you. So let's dive in:

Use a declutter bin: Most of the time, clutter is the culprit. That is one thing you will find very absent in a hotel room. No shoes, toys or clothes lying around. A declutter bin can help hold anything that is conspicuously out of place till you have the time to put them back. Try to make a habit of emptying the bin regularly; putting things back in their rightful place as often as possible so that there will be space to contain the next batch of clutter.

Mirror magic: We have come to realize that mirrors are a must, especially for the female folk! They work to reflect your beauty as well as light. They bounce light back into the room giving the illusion of a bigger space. They're also known to visually double the size of a room. So get yourself a mirror.

Shelves are your best friend: Shelves, especially wall shelves can add some spice and artistic beauty to your apartment. There is no limit to how creative you can get with them. They can work beautifully as storage spaces where books, towels, utensils even footwear can be put away leaving much-needed floor spaces.

With decor, always do you: You do not need a professional decorator to get the best out of your space. Who better to know your preference than you? Add items that remind you of home, or give you a feeling of warmth. They could be paintings, framed pictures, your favorite framed quote, potted plants, a poster, whatever gives you the home feel and puts a smile on your face when you see it.

Try to incorporate any of these in your apartment and thank us later. Remember that Rentsmallsmall has the best selection of beautifully crafted apartments that would instantly give you the feel of home. With us, you can pay as you stay and stay as you need. Rent with us today.