Investment Vehicles To Consider For 2023

Investment vehicles are financial assets that provide investment avenues where funds are infused with the purpose of accumulating profit and amassing wealth for tomorrow. They are basically channels that investors use to gain future returns on present day pledges.

Popularly-known investment vehicles are stocks and bonds, however, there are others. It is of great benefit to know those which could provide you with higher chances of enjoying the potential rewards that come with having an investment plan. This is not a professional outlook, just a guide. We advise that you consult a professional financial planner, in areas of doubt or need clarification.

Savings Account

When in need of a safety net, this is the road to ply. Although it’s not often considered as an investment vehicle, neither does it offer high interest rates, it is the most essential of all investment vehicles as it builds your will to forgo present pleasures to make future gain. The strength of your savings is as strong as the currency involved. If there is an increase in value, your investment gains buying power but if the value drops, it could lead to diminishing returns. With this investment vehicle, there’s almost no risk involved because it is more about holding value however it will be helpful to note that this should be a temporary vehicle and other long-term options should be considered.


If you’re familiar with financial assets, then this particular vehicle will not be foreign to you. These instruments refer to ownership of shares in a publicly traded company. Stocks will most likely outrun inflation and provide cumulative gains over a period of time, that is why most people will jump at a chance to own shares in companies who open up stocks to the public, just as MTN did in December, 2021. For example, if you own 35 shares of MTN stock, you actually own a small piece of MTN and are entitled to profit as MTN grows and generates more profits. However, your stock can fall in value if MTN loses popularity and people aren’t trading with them as much as before.

Mutual Funds

This particular investment vehicle requires the participation of a pool of people with investment interests. It represents purchase of a group of assets and only trades at the close of market each day.  If you are a shareholder with relatively small capital as compared with other investors, you still have a fair advantage in making profit and risking loss in proportion to your investment portfolio. Essentially, with an effective management style, you can gather financial security for the future.

Rental Real Estate

When you choose a self-liquidating asset such as this, and with the right partners such as SmallSmall, this investment vehicle has the potential to accelerate your wealth creation plan, providing you with positive cash flow monthly, after all operational and facility expenses have been made. Long-term investment in the rental market, is a sure way to gain financial freedom over time as appreciation happens naturally.

You can hire the services of a finance manager to guide you through all the pros and cons of each vehicle and share your findings with us. Don’t forget to share with a friend.