My Portable Kitchen

There are mysteries buried in the recesses of every kitchen – every crumb kicked under the floorboard is a hidden memory. But some kitchens are made of more. Some kitchens are everything.” - Sasha Martin.

I'd like to think that a house is just a residential building but a home is a house made of magic, spice, and memories. Each aspect of a home carries an aura unique to it, making the kitchen a star in its own domain. I'm sure you'd agree with me that the kitchen is much more than a room set aside for the preparation of food, it is unarguably the second most important part of a home. The joy of moving within the house and stumbling on your favorite snack trumps the satisfaction that comes with binge-watching a movie on an empty stomach. Excited much? There’s more!

Imagine creating that perfect place that just invites you to dinner without a single word. Yes, it’s doable. Thinking of reinventing your kitchen to get the best out of it, here are a few guidelines that would help.

Maximize space:- Explore ideas that physically create both an illusive and practical increase in spacious arrangement without inhibiting access to kitchen wares whilst leaving room for movement and expression. Get drawers and cabinets that can keep all your utensils away from your busy eyes. Installation of open shelves is another way to improve organization and increase visual contact. This way you can easily pick up an item without inconveniencing someone who is in the kitchen with you. Utilize every vertical space for your variety of hangers. This way, there’s no commotion and you can easily reach everything you need, all in one place.

Furniture expose:- Regardless of the fact that some people would consider small kitchens cute and easy, with everything being at arm’s reach, your choice of furniture could either congest or beautify the kitchen. From a cup holder to a mini-sized table top, furniture should be in sizable types, easy to fit, and foldable where necessary to allow enough room for work flow when making that sumptuous meal.

Take out the trash:- Cramped areas are even more unpleasant with the introduction of clutter. Simple, never let clutter gather. Keep your table top as empty as possible because the less you see the more you feel. Having the bin constantly lidded and appliances carefully tucked away in neatly divided drawers reduces congestion and gives you the feel of being easily in control of your space.

Extras:- Brightness and lighting have oddly always been the perfect illusion for a well-ventilated room. You’d want to be more considerate with your choice of kitchen decorations, reducing the color variation to using just neutral colors. In most Nigerian homes, fridges have been a part of the repurposed furniture outlay, and it’s almost a norm. Are there any steps you’ve used that haven’t been mentioned? Please share with us. Your friend may just be listening…