Our 4th Anniversary: The Journey So Far

It began with the need to provide accommodation solutions, getting the best deals in the real estate ecosystem and also giving guaranteed access to listening ears and working hands which tirelessly engage with different moving parts towards ensuring that home seekers and property owners alike, have peace of mind. This need birthed a hunger so intense, it pulled in like minds with different intellectual strengths, the team.

Starting out with the aim of organizing the rental market space, providing flexible payment options while eliminating discrimination, we've had to figure out a lot in the past 4 years based on feedback from everyone who has interacted with our services in one way or another. Still holding on to the belief that change is both attainable and sustainable, our present resolve is to normalize quality living.

First we disrupted the predominant ideology that came with annual rental and were primarily known for offering the flexibility of monthly rental, now we have explored other areas such as nightly stays, investment avenues which help you make better financial decisions and access to a wallet system which helps you build a strong savings regimen.

Even more exciting, payments on our platform can be made using crypto. We remain driven by our mandate to provide suitable and affordable homes for home-seekers and influence the conception and birth of new homes to boost the livelihood and productivity of Nigerian youths while helping homeowners to make their property rent-able and profitable.

We had quite the celebration and in the heart of it all, the delectable CEO of Vendease, Mr Tunde Kara, had a moment to share his thoughts on growth, diligence and mostly importantly his admiration for our resilience at SmallSmall. The journey has been quite an experience engrained in our core.

This milestone is something truly worth celebrating and we thank everyone who has been a part of our success so far, and that includes you.

Cheers to more years of services, innovation, impact and a greater future

Long live SmallSmall