Our Home-Ownership Tour Adventure

The sound of raindrops gently tapping on the window pane created a soothing ambiance, as it should normally. But what happens when you have a property tour scheduled and the gentle drops turn to a heavy downpour? This was how we began our day with a mixture of excitement and trepidation as we embarked on our homeownership tour in the aftermath of a drenching rain. 

People who have dreams of becoming homeowners sometimes feel that it is a challenging journey to embark on. Our aim is to make that dream a reality in 1 to 6 years, through a path of diligence and intentionality whilst providing a hassle free platform to give a seamless experience. Intending homeowners and those who had plugged into this, came with high anticipation to make a physical connection with their starting point to homeownership and also to get answers to their questions.

Arriving at the property just after the rain had subsided, we were greeted by the serene aftermath of the downpour. As we walked the grounds, we had a robust interactive session, which reignited the need to stay focused and push to unlock the possibility of homeownership either for rental or residence. 

Beyond going to see the physical representation of our commitments, the tour also gave us an opportunity to meet with some of the co-owners and also build a bond strengthened by trust. This was evident in the conviction by those who had not bought property shares with us to purchase property shares and also subscribe to our Shares Target Program which will help them stay accountable and ultimately meet their target in record time. 

The property tour became an experience not only centered on us providing an opportunity for anyone to start their journey to homeownership no matter their earning status, but also about the confidence we built in the minds of all the attendees, rekindling their hope of living their dreams.