Renting with a Plan

At Rentsmallsmall, we are very invested in helping you live your best life and plan for a great future.

Having seen the immense disadvantage renters are put in with upfront payments sometimes running into millions, we crafted a solution where renters have the option to rent a home and pay as they earn.

This plan has helped a lot of people, especially young professionals save and invest some of their money in preparation for their future.

Sadly, however, some have yet to take advantage of this opportunity and so we thought to bring it again to your mind.

Here are some tips that can help you make the best of your renting experience.

1: **Evaluate your Rental Costs: **

The goal is to live within your means, in such a way that rent your monthly rent payment would not take more than  45-50% of your total income. This way you can plan for expenses and have some cash left to save and invest.

2: Save /Invest before Spending:

This is a very important step because only money that has been invested can yield returns, Money spent is gone forever. Therefore protect your future by making savings and investment a top priority.

3: **Stick to your budget: **

While you have developed a budget to work with and have money saved and invested, be sure to spend within your budget range, this way, you avoid falling into debt. Discipline is needed to make this work.

4: Get a Side Hustle:

This can be a 2nd job, business, or skilled service. Any extra income gained from the monetization of your skills and expertise can be channeled into diversified investments, savings, or personal uses.

5: Invest in Rental Property:

When you grow your money to a bulk sum, you can invest in a rental property where you can earn rent. You can also have access to financing options like mortgage services to help raise your capital. The rent /returns from this investment can even be used to offset your rental costs. Check out our partners at