Rentsmallsmall Announces Partnership with Buy2LetNg

We are excited to announce our partnership with Buy2Letng. Buy2Letng is a property investment platform aimed at providing accessible, seamless and convenient means of investing in Real estate.

The focus is on helping young people and First Time Buyers of Real estate become landlords. They might not have the capital to purchase whole apartments, but with Buy2Letng they can own affordable units like studios, 1bedrooms.

Our CEO Tunde Balogun, explains that Rentsmallsmall will facilitate Buy2Letng’s goal of offering guaranteed rents by putting up all purchased units for rent on the Rentsmallsmall platform. Rentsmallsmall already has a large market for these units and as part of the package deal with Buy2Letng, all property investors will have their units automatically listed and rented via Rentsmallsmall ensuring quicker returns on their investments. He further mentions that the move was inspired by Rentsmallsmall’s goals of restructuring the property market and empowering young millennials to become shareholders in the system.

The goals of Buy2Letng resonates in great measures with that of Rentsmallsmall hence this is without a doubt a worthwhile partnership. There is no limit to what this partnership will accomplish in the Real Estate market and it is clear that young people stand to gain from investing in Buy2Letng as a result of this partnership. You too can invest today... Visit to start.