Rentsmallsmall Vs Traditional Rental

Jesudara and Chioma are besties who are into digital marketing and content creation. They are super excited to move to Lagos from Accra, to set up their own digital marketing firm and are looking for an apartment to rent. Bassey is being transferred to Canada and he needs to put his fully furnished two-bedroom apartment in Lekki Phase 1 up for rent but he is unsure if to opt for a traditional rental or monthly rental platform.

Traditional rental in this economy and realty clime, seems like a stretch for renters and property owners alike. There are benefits of rentsmallsmall over traditional rental, including:

Flexibility: Rentsmallsmall provides more flexibility compared to traditional rentals. With our monthly rental set up, you can easily change locations or move to a new place with more convenience.

Cost-effective: Monthly rentals are more cost-effective as you don't have to pay a large sum of money, upfront. You can also budget your expenses more easily as you know exactly how much you need to pay each month.

Reduced commitment: With monthly rentals, you have a reduced commitment compared to annual rentals. You are not tied down to a compul long-term lease, and you can easily move out if you decide that the rental is not suitable for you.

Easier options: Rentsmallsmall also provides you with more options to choose from compared to annual rentals. You can rent a variety of properties such as apartments, maisonettes, or duplexes on a monthly payment plan.

Overall, monthly rental is a great option for people in need of flexibility in their housing arrangements. Property owners such as Bassey, will enjoy several benefits from Rentsmallsmall including:

Tenant Verification: Rentsmallsmall has a distinctive technique for verification of tenants looking to rent with us. Our aim is to give Landlords who list their properties with us, a stress-free experience with regards to managing tenant satisfaction and receipt of steady monthly income.

Reduced Vacancy Rates: The demand for monthly rental is on the rise and Rentsmallsmall is set to help landlords reduce their vacancy rates by plugging them to the market needs. This is particularly beneficial for landlords who have properties in areas with low turnover rates as they won’t be worried about fluctuating rental demands.

Easy Property Management: Monthly rentals are easier to manage than annual rentals as landlords can quickly fill vacancies and address tenant issues on a more frequent basis. This can help landlords to maintain a higher level of tenant satisfaction and reduce churn rates. From collecting rent to managing the cleaning, repairs, and other maintenance requests, Rentsmalsmall is keen on giving landlord satisfaction in this regard.

Overall, monthly rentals can be a great option for landlords who want more flexibility, control, and rental income from their properties.