Simple Life Hacks That Save The Day.

Humans are constantly in search of something that makes life a little easier. Take your phone for instance, it does not only help you connect with people around the world, it helps you save memories for years like a regular camera would, find your way in the dark like a torch would or keep up with schedules like a calendar would. As complex as this is, life doesn’t have to be the same. Easy does it. There are a few hacks which can help you get the best out of the various situations. Here are a few:

Cleaning of rusty cutlery: The thought of throwing away rusty cutlery can be thrown out the window with this simple hack. Put water in a bowl, then put foil paper. Add a table spoon of salt and baking soda then put in your rusty cutlery. Wait for 5 – 10 minutes, shake the rust off the cutlery, then wipe with a paper towel. This technique will help remove medium rust from your utensils and save your favorite spoon.

Getting odors out of the microwave: Your microwave is bound to pick up some aroma when food is heated but this sweet aroma goes stale after some time, making the microwave smell less than fresh. Using harsh chemicals to clean the smell out isn’t safe for your microwave, there's a simple way to get it clean and odor-free. Open the microwave, put a bowl of vinegar in the microwave and leave the microwave closed for about five minutes. Take out the bowl and wipe the microwave gently.

DIY sprinklers for your garden: Fancy gardening gadgets like sprinklers, can cost a lot of money. To save you a few bucks, you can adopt the use of empty plastic bottles which can easily be transformed into fully functional sprinklers. It’s quite simple. All you have to do is punch some holes into the bottle, get a tape that can withstand water and wrap the bottle tightly to your hose, turn on the tap and watch the water go. Now you’ve got a fabulous DIY sprinkler.

Clean your blender with liquid soap: Ever tried cleaning a blender with your hands? You’d agree that it can be perilous to do so. It is almost like putting your hand in a slender bowl with little blades and hoping you don’t get cut. Thankfully, there’s an easier and safer way. After you, pour in a little liquid soap into the blender, put some water and then blend for some minutes. Pour out the mix and rinse to reveal a clean and fresh machine ready for the next use.

Hairdryer to the rescue: Children can get really artistic some times and choose to showcase their skills on your white walls with their crayon. You would want to freak out but all hope is not lost. Just get a hairdryer, heat the marked area to soften the crayon's wax and then wipe with a soft cloth. Your wall is saved.

Fix a scratch with nail polish: Running your fingers through your glass window should be all smooth but sometimes, there are those scratches, little holes or tears that could get a whole lot worse, rendering the entire thing practically useless. Fortunately, there's a simple solution: clear nail polish. Just apply a smudge of clear nail polish to the affected area and it'll be as good as new in a matter of minutes.

Hopefully, these few hacks will prove useful to you. Know any others, please feel free to share.