Smallsmall story challenge!!!

This is not your regular challenge! It’s not an opportunity to earn a quick lunch fix or sort out data subscription issues. This is way more. Imagine making half a million from just being yourself and showing off your creative mind in the most exciting way possible, now that’s value.

Let me tell you a bit of our story

Three years ago, we started a journey to ensure the normalization of quality living in the real estate space by using technology to provide rental solutions. We have taken it a step further. Quality living for us has gone beyond flexible monthly payment plans; we have value-added services, premium night stays with a feel of luxury, property ownership that translates into monthly rental income, and opportunities to earn rewards through referrals. It looks better than ever. The SmallSmall lifestyle is all about taking gradual little steps to achieve a bigger goal. Your dream is valid, when you’re consistent, starting SmallSmall. Understanding that we as a unit started small to becoming the leading proptech company in Africa, we decided to help you take that first step to living your best life by participating in our challenge.

So, which would you choose? Relaxing in your creative space or making a grand mark from your creative space and getting paid for it. I know what you’re thinking, I’d choose the latter too.

Here’s how you will bag both fame and fortune in the race to telling your story in the most creative way possible

Step 1: Share a video of how you started SmallSmall and where you are today.

Step 2: Make it as creative as possible, let us share in your thrill.

Step 3: Finish the video with a catchy phrase that explains your before and after story.

And that’s it! You’re on your way to making half a million naira in prizes and your work will be put on one of our billboards.

Quality living is a lifestyle, and happiness on a budget is a lifestyle too. Whether you started out with agbado and ewa, or doing assignments for your colleagues and getting paid, there’s no better time to tell your story than now.

Create. Share. Earn. Don’t sleep on it!