Stop Picking At Your Wounds

Pushing against the rushing wind of emotions that seem to overwhelm you when something goes wrong can prove difficult. Try not to fret much about it, Superman and Wonder woman hurt too. The hurdle only gets more chaotic when you dwell on the problem or keep picking at it. We believe that every challenge has a solution, you may just need to look at it from a different angle. In no order at all, we have a few ideas that might help:

Positive thinking: When you notice that worry is getting the better of you, examine different positive outcomes and remind yourself that you are strong enough to not just cope but bounce back from that negative situation. You can choose to engage in a variety of activities that will improve your focus – for example, reading, walking or watching a movie.

Relaxation: Stress and tension can affect you physically and psychologically in many ways, including increased muscle tension, chronic contraction, intermittent jittering, inability to sleep and lack of appetite. This may be experienced as tension in the eyes, jaw, neck, shoulders, lower back and stomach. To help reduce stress, try to recognize the signs of tension in your body, practice slow and deep breathing, take time out to relax – for example, a spa session and some music therapy.

Healthy diet: Ever heard of stress eating? You probably have indulged once or twice. I know the feeling. The soft cold of ice-cream on a hurtful day can be such a sweet relief, however, choosing nutritious foods that you enjoy may just be a better option for your body; we don’t want you building stress and calories. Try to avoid inappropriate foods, they can be quite enticing.

Good sleep: A good nap just has a way of resetting the nerves and relaxing the mind, I recommend. Also, when those ideas seem to be just at the edge of being birthed into reality but you can’t quite articulate your thoughts, sleep may just be what you need to crack the code.

Social support: Managing hurtful moments alone may not be best, depending on how deep the cut goes. Having a form of support to help you maintain quality living, could go a long way. Friends, family, volunteer opportunities, interest connects amongst others, are different types of support groups you can take advantage of.

Reminder journal: Writing down projects with follow-up actionable markers should help you focus on pending deliverables. This is a healthy form of distraction that builds resilience for the long run, taking your mind away from the pain.

I hope with these few points of mine I have been able to stir your mind in the possible direction that would help you live your best life. Have a comment? Please share