The Property Owner Checklist

Real estate investment is one of the highest paying investment vehicles worldwide that guarantees wealth creation and building of equity. Owning a property can serve as a long-term plan for future generations, however there are a few things to know when you are about to put up the property for rent.

Verification of tenants: Getting verified tenants is an important way to ensure that prompt rental payments are not an issue. As a property owner with Rentsmallsmall, you do not have to worry about the quality of tenants which will be living in your property.

Legal and documentation: One of the benefits of getting a legal practitioner to read through contracts and documents which cover all details of transaction, is for easy translation of all documentation and how it applies to the property owner.

Property management: Property owners who are extremely engrossed with other financial activities, are advised to employ the services of property managers to oversee all matters concerned with maintaining the property. A well-managed property will be in the high demand within the rental market.

Payment plan: If you are engaging the services of an independent real estate company to help you with filling your property with tenant and managing the property, you will need to clearly identify and understand the payment plan. In addition, setting a systemic payment plan for your tenants, with flexible timelines according to the housing laws, helps you manage your monthly or annual inflow.

Determination of rental income: Knowledge of property value within current rental climes is an important tool for setting rental amount. It may be easy to just put up a property for sale or rent based on how you feel, but that may reduce your relevance as interested parties may either see your property as over-priced or under-valued.

If you are new to the property ownership space, you will need all the support you can get and we are more than happy to help you settle in nicely by showing you the ropes. Do you have a property and are considering earning rental income on a monthly basis, reach out to our customer experience team today!