Things You Can Buy With 4,000 Naira

This is an in-depth exploration of what you can purchase with 4,000 Naira…. Relax, I’m just playing around, or am I? You would probably expect me to say something like, “Let’s dive into the wide range of products and services that are available at this price point, from everyday essentials to small luxuries” but NO. Instead, I want to tell you a story. A few friends won an online trivia question series and got a cash gift of 20,000. Splitting it 5 ways, each of them got 4,000 naira however, they had different ideas on how they were independently going to spend their share.

Sade: This 4k is way too small to cover my appetite for fancy things so it can’t afford me anything. I thought the money was supposed to be 20,000 naira per person. Well, since that is not the case, I will give mine to Ella. Besides if my share were more, I would have bought a headphone, handbag or just something that soothes my style but since it is not, I may as well give it out.

Victor: Sade is most definitely in the “rich kids” gang because I can't relate. As for me, I am craving pizza with extra cheese and I will not be denied of this tasty goodness. I have been holding back on this craving for too long so I’d rather spend this 4k on something yummy that will satisfy me now than save it up for anything in the future. I will just add a little more money so I can afford the type of pizza I want.

Yusuf: I have never been a freak for food or fancy things but you see data, I can’t do without it. Spending 10,000 to 15,000 naira monthly can be quite annoying some times but I'd rather do that than stay bored offline. So, every extra money I get goes straight to buying a good data bundle that will support my surfing lifestyle. It is what it is!

Munachi: Looking good is great business for me that is why any opportunity I get to add a new skin care product or fashion item to my collection, I do not hesitate to take it with both arms. For instance, this 4k will definitely help me get an exfoliating soap I have been wanting to buy for some time now. I need to stay glowing at all times

At this time, everyone is curious to know what Ella will do with her now 8,000 naira. They look at her in awe as she blots out “I’m going to buy property shares”. All laughing, Sade finally gathers courage to ask her how she intends to become a property owner with her 4,000 naira and the extra she had given her.

Ella: I will buy property shares in a 2-bedroom apartment on Each property share goes for 4,000 naira only and they have a shares target plan you can maximize. My plan is to buy 50 property shares every week until I gather enough property shares to own a home. As my salary increases, plus all my side hustle, I can increase my shares target without ever having to worry about getting a loan to purchase a house. This way, I’m buying at my pace with no pressure but also staying disciplined enough to grow my shares portfolio. Who knows, in 4 years time, I could be a proud home owner!

She goes ahead to say that she will add the 8,000 naira to hit her target for the week. Sade who has already sent Ella the 4,000 naira is so tempted to ask for it back, as others begin to rethink their choices.

In your case, what would you want to spend a 4,000 naira cash gift on?