Types of Apartments Available on Rentsmallsmall Pt1

At Rentsmallsmall, we cater for a large clientele with varying apartment needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide everyone with an apartment perfectly suited for their individual needs no matter what these needs might be.

We are well on our way to accomplishing this as more properties are added to our portfolio.

Here is a guide to help you identify the kinds of units currently available on Rentsmallsmall.

1: Studio Apartments: These are popularly known as self-cons. They are perfect for most young professionals as they are affordable, adequately suited for single occupancy and easy to maintain.

Shared Studio Apartments: These are self-sufficient studio rooms but with shared common areas. Common areas shared are the living room and kitchen.

These units are ideal for individuals who love to stay around other people who will in turn share the cost of the unit.

The units may be furnished, partly furnished or unfurnished.

1 bedroom Apartments: These are popularly known as mini flats. A 2-roomed unit which houses a sitting room and a bedroom. It is more spacious than the studio and also has a high demand. Especially for people who require more space than a studio and can afford to pay more.

These units may be furnished or unfurnished.

1 bedroom Loft: This is a 1 bedroom space crafted in such a way that the bedroom is accessed via a staircase. In this way, there appear to be 2 floors with the living room located below the bedroom.

These units are perfectly and aesthetically designed and are highly sought after because of the uncommon design. It is also a great option for the modern millennial.

2 bedroom Apartments: These constitutes 2 rooms with a living room. It's perfect for family living and very well suited for 4 or more people.

To be contd.