Useful Tips on Home Decor

Decorating an apartment is something very personal to us all as your home is most often seen a reflection of you. Your home deco gives an insight into your definition of comfort, style and personality.

Often times, you’ll find that we tend to fill our homes with the things that reflect our culture, status, even our upbringing or life goals; giving us a sense of identity, peace or serving to inspire our creativity.

Today we take a look at tips that one can apply in decorating their home without breaking the bank.

1: Power of paint : This is a very important aspect of home deco as it sets the tone for everything else. Choosing the right colour for your home determines how every other piece of accessory will fit in. So bright colors are always in! One’s sense of personality can also be seen in their choice of colour, pink, glitter, black and purple are colours that are sure to announce a strong personality type.

Recycled Pieces: Be it wood, car tyres, plastics, recycled materials have an honoured place in this list.  There is so much we can do to reuse waste and by so doing save the environment from ruin.  With just a little bit of creativity, so many beautiful things can be recreated out of materials that may have been otherwise condemned. Instead of throwing that old wicker basket or bicycle, you can put in a shiny new coat of paint and have it grace a corner of your home to serve as an item of decoration. The world will thank you greatly.

Flowers/ plants: These could be plastic or potted. Naturally beautiful, they add a certain unique look to a room and with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs, you can never go wrong with adding them to your home decor.

Art/ crafts: This can sometimes be perceived as luxury items but that depends on who you’re asking. A framed picture of any kind, a piece of pottery, woodwork or even a poster can add some flair to your room. No matter your budget, you can be sure to find something that is authentically you and yet artsy enough for the world ,and by that we mean your visitors, to appreciate.

Window blinds/ curtains: available in varying designs, colors, shapes and sizes. There is so much you can do with your choice of window and door coverings. From frilly designs to wooden panels, beads or even drapes, you can use this as an avenue to introduce your sense of unique style.

Furniture choices: whether you are going the minimalist route or you simply cannot do without imported pieces representing this era or that, you are sure to find a lot of options depending on your style.

There’s so many other aspects of design but we are sure that if you implement any or all of these recommended tips, you’ll have gone a long way in tastefully designing your space without spending a fortune.

Talk soon... Cheers!