We Won The Disruptor Award

In the past 4 years, it has been our singular honor to create opportunities for you to access viable properties within the rental market, enjoy quality living and flexible payment options. We've stayed locked on to this goal and our laser focus has been yielding results.

As a disruptor within the property space, we were noticed by The Art Of Technology (AOT), Lagos, and got nominated for an award in the category, DISRUPTOR.

The 4th edition of the Art Of Technology (AOT) awards event held on the 9th of December, 2022 and it was fantastic. Our excitement knew no bounds as we elegantly walked into the beautifully lit hall with our heads high and anxiety gnawing at the back of minds. As calm and composed as we were perceived, there was a roller-coaster of emotions building up in our minds whilst we took our seats, with high hopes for what was to come.

After what seemed like forever, it was time for our category to be mentioned. The nominees for the AOT award in the Disruptor category were called out, and with keen anticipation we sat at the edge of our seats, waiting for the conclusive remark to be made.

And the winner is…. RENTSMALLSMALL!

Our joy knew no bounds as we leaped for joy, striding with confidence to receive the award. It has been our honor to serve as we dedicate this award to you, our esteemed community who believe in our vision and has trusted us so far. We wouldn't have been noticed without you.

To everyone who spared a moment to vote for us, you are the real MVPs. We appreciate all the support as we keep working tirelessly to consistently deliver on our brand promise.

Thank you for helping us bring this home. Cheers to more wins!