Blue Square Joins Pennek on BuySmallSmall's EDAP

We are excited to announce that Blue Square has officially joined BuySmallSmall's Elite Developer Advancement Program (EDAP). Blue Square's onboarding follows the onboarding of another real estate development giant, Pennek.

EDAP is an innovative initiative designed to revolutionize the face of real estate in Nigeria and it brings together the best minds in property development to address critical challenges in the housing market. Our mission with EDAP is to support developers in creating sustainable, high-quality housing solutions, while significantly contributing to reducing Nigeria's housing deficit.

With the onboarding of Pennek, Blue Square and other leading developers soon to be announced, we are poised to make significant strides towards our shared dream of solving Nigeria's housing deficit. Their expertise and vision are key to delivering properties at scale, a critical step in addressing the growing demand for quality housing in Nigeria.

Blue Square's participation in EDAP reaffirms our commitment to partnering with the best in the industry to drive growth and deliver outstanding results and we are more resolute than ever to see this to fruition.

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